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Instead of just surfing, swimming and sunbathing, do something completely unique when in San Diego - learn how to build custom sandcastles

Sandcastle Making Lessons in San Diego

May 16, 2014

There’s nothing more gorgeous than visiting a San Diego beach when the weather is pleasant and sunny but instead of merely swimming and sunbathing, we think you can add a few more activities into your itinerary....learning how to build some really awesome sandcastles. We are not talking about the buckets and pails types of sandcastles, we are talking about taking a page off of professionals who actually make a living building sandcastles....or rather, teaching others how to build creative castles out of sand.

San Diego San Castles

4306 Ocean Boulevard, San Diego, CA
(619) 200-0565

San Diego Sand Castles is run by JT Estrela who is a local San Diego beach lover and sand sculptor who, together with his partners, teach tourists and residents how to manipulate and design with sand on the beaches. When there are no lessons, they spend their time on the white sandy beaches of San Diego coming up with creative new sculptures made out of sand all the time. The company offers private lessons and can help people create their own custom sand sculptures, especially for special events like business meetings, functions, birthdays and weddings.

What do you need to know or bring learning how to build sand castles

As with most people who have attended these lessons will tell you, the most important tool to bring along with you when learning how to build sand castles is your imagination. Your sense of humor and willingness to learn would be great to bring along too.

San Diego Sand Castles have all the tools you will ever need to build the perfect sand castle or sculptures so, you can basically come empty handed. During the ‘class’, you will learn neat tricks about working with sand and go into detail about things you never thought were important when building a sand castle.

Promotional ideas and events

Building custom sand castles over the beaches of San Diego is very attention grabbing and with social media, you will never know when a picture could go viral all over the internet. So, if you are small business or a brand, creating your own sand castle could be a sort of advertising too. And once you have learned the neat little tricks, you could spend some time in the near future exploring ways to get attention with sand sculptures.

Other uses for custom made sandcastles would be:-

  • Customize a sandcastle design and bring it home with it
  • Use the sandcastle as a corporate display in the office
  • To propose to your partner
  • Corporate exhibit

Other things to do in San Diego

Make no mistake about it, there is tons of fun stuff to be done when one is in a place like San Diego.

For example, you can take up surfing lessons offered by professionals like Encinitas Surf Lessons (760 846-6894), have a good splashing good time on a San Diego Jet Boat (619 876 6166), book your an Old Town Trolley Tour (1 888 910 8687) or have great fun touring San Diego wilderness on a bike or organize a guided Kayak Group tour (858 454 1010).

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