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Tired of crowded indoor malls and wrestling with large crowds? Perhaps it is time to bring your shopping experience to San Diego's Seaport Village

Open Air Shopping Concept at Seaport Village

Jan 9, 2014

Are you done with the over-crowded San Diego beaches or looking for something a little less conventional to do while you are on your trip in San Diego? Then our travel writers have a little something for you - give San Diego’s Seaport Village a shot during your vacation.

Where is Seaport Village

The great thing about visiting Seaport is that it isn’t too far from the main San Diego downtown metropolis. Yes, despite it being touted as ‘just another shopping destination’ by some, Seaport offers a lot of different unique, one-of-a-kind shops and retailers that isn’t in the downtown area. Located just five minutes drive away from the airport, some bus charter San Diego visitors actually make Seaport their first stop, which can be seen as a gentle introduction to San Diego.

Sitting on more than 90,000 square feet, Seaport is also famous for their expansive Convention Center which is a popular venue for large group and corporate events and celebrations. Other venues are Marriott Hotel, Midway Museum and Manchester Grand Hyatt.

Shopping with a twist, wide variety of unique shops

Seaport offers more than fifty different variety of shops to San Diego bus charter visitors including specialty shops like souvenir, toys, clothing and art-related retailers. What makes it different is the atmosphere. Instead of feeling rushed and overwhelmed during your visit, you will inevitably feel rather relaxed and tranquil, a feeling probably fueled by its proximity to a beautiful, organized and clean marina.

You can’t quite argue with the fact that their slogan about how ‘the magic of the sea comes to life’ rings too true.

Open air shopping experience you will not find anywhere else in San Diego

One of the benefits of shopping in Seaport is being able to shop outdoors. Instead of feeling trapped and rushed in a crowded mall, you will get to roam freely on the streets while enjoying the free and easy view of Coronado and downtown.

Is shopping expensive in Seaport? Some would say that it is slightly more expensive to shop here but we think it is well worth every cent spent because it is not a shopping spree we are talking about. We are talking about getting the chance to soak up fresh air, great atmosphere, and of course, the whole open air shopping concept.

Parking will give you a massive headache

The one thing most people complain about making a bus charter San Diego visit to Seaport would be parking - it is sparse and expensive. But if you are heading over with one of our affordable San Diego charter bus, you are saving yourself the headache of trying to find a parking spot for your rental car.

We look forward to being your bus charter company of choice during your visit to San Diego. Please do not hesitate to give us a call for a prompt San Diego bus charter rental quote.