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Trying to get active and outdoors during your San Diego bus charter trip? Head over to Mount Soledad for a hike, biking session and visit the Easter Cross and Veterans Memorial

Mount Soledad in La Jolla

Mar 6, 2014

Have you heard of La Jolla? This fancy name belongs to an upscale beach community in San Diego, and home to the University of California San Diego campus. La Jolla is blessed with gorgeous beaches and beautiful sceneries, and most of all, a prominent landmark called Mount Soledad where bus charter visitors should make a point to visit when traveling to San Diego.

The mountaintop of Mount Soledad is adorned with the Mount Soledad Easter Cross and the Veterans Memorial. This is also the last home of famous author Dr. Suess, where his widow, Audrey Geisel still resides.

Cycling on Mount Soledad

Should you be looking for a great destination for cycling, this is one place to head to. Get your charter bus to get you there, and you can enjoy the many roads, trails and climbs in a variety of places on Mount Soledad.

Some of the most popular cycling routes are:

  • Soledad Mountain Road: Starts from Garnet Ave up to Soledad Mountain and towards the La Jolla Scenic Drive South.
  • Soledad Road: Lamont Street, which becomes Soledad Road, to Soledad Mountain Road and La Jolla Scenic Drive South.
  • Cardeno Drive: Fanuel Street, which goes through Cardeno Drive, to La Jolla Scenic Drive South.
  • Candlelight-Rutgers: Starting point at Turquoise St at Cass St, take Cass St up, left on Van Nuys, right on Candlelight Dr, Vista Claridad, Rutgers Rd, to La Jolla Scenic Drive South.
  • La Jolla Mesa: From Mission Boulevard, which becomes La Jolla Mesa Drive, to La Jolla Scenic Drive South.
  • La Jolla Rancho: Forward Street, Linda Rosa Ave, La Jolla Corona Drive, La Jolla Rancho Road, La Jolla Scenic Drive.
  • Muirlands Vista: Get off at Nautilus Street, then head through Muirlands Vista Way, Muirlands Drive, La Cumbre Drive, El Camino Teatro, La Jolla Scenic Drive South.
  • Muirlands: Starting at West Muirlands Drive, briefly left on Nautilus, then Muirlands Drive, El Camino Teatro and La Jolla Scenic Drive South.
  • Nautilus: Nautilus Street at Neptune Place, cycle to La Jolla Scenic Drive South.
  • Valverde: Nautilus Street, Via Valverde, Caminito Valverde, Caminito Bassano West, Upper Hillside Drive, Via Casa Alta (steep grade), La Jolla Scenic Drive South.
  • Upper Hillside: A long steep ride starting from Exchange Place, then to Country Club Drive, Romero Drive, Brodiaea Way, Encilia Drive, Upper Hillside Drive, Via Casa Alta, and lastly, La Jolla Scenic Drive South.
  • Hillside: Hillside Drive at Torrey Pines Road to Via Siena and up Via Capri.
  • Via Capri: Hidden Valley Road to Via Capri.

So, grab your cyclist friends and head over to Mount Soledad with your coach bus. Call 1-800-304-1993 or 619-595-4876 for a quote on your travel preferences, or to book a bus.